American Summits Featured at WorldWide Water Conference in Beijing

Dates: April 04, 2014 - April 04, 2014 Location:

The first ever worldwide SaQi water conference selectively featured water companies across the globe for their excellence and superiority in the production of high-purity drinking water enriched with the proper amount of essential minerals for healthy consumption.

American Summits was specifically requested to present its product at the conference for the superiority it has shown in the selection process of its water source. The nationwide search for a suitable spring in regard of purity and quality that would require absolutely zero chemical treatment and alteration, which took years to accomplish, was finally discovered in the Beartooth Mountains Range of Wyoming.

Also present at the conference was world-renowned premium water critic and connoisseur Michael Masha. Masha features American Summits in his recent publication, Fine Waters, which reviews 100 of the world’s best-loved bottled water brands, their sources, composition, composition, flavors, and historical backgrounds, accompanied by his expert analysis.

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American Summits is a pure, glass-bottled, American mountain spring water.