2014 Citi Open Tennis Tournament

Dates: July 07, 2014 - August 08, 2014 Location:

In its second year as the official exclusive water sponsor of the Citi Open, American Summits proudly filled the William H.G. FitzGerald Tennis Center with its pure, premium mountain spring water for the players and fans alike.

Since 1969, this prestigious event has had its share of dramatic matches, and 2014 did not disappoint. From Americans John Isner and the Bryan Brothers, to eventual tournament singles winners, Milos Raonic and Svetlana Kuznetsova, the player field was full of talent. And with all the action, American Summits hydrated and refreshed the players from day one through the finals. 

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Each year, American Summits awards a trophy to the top players in the Stars of Tomorrow Junior Tennis Challenge, ages 10 and under. American Summits also selects ATP and WTA players with particularly outstanding performances, with the Peak Performer trophy. This year, the 2014 awards went to:

ATP Peak Performers

  • GINEPRI, Robby
  • SUGITA, Yuichi
  • DONALDSON, Jared
  • RAM, Rajeev
  • MARCHENKO, Illya

WTA Peak Performers

  • TOWNSEND, Taylor
  • KUWATA, Hiroko
  • ROGOWSKA, Olivia
  • BLACK, Tornado Alicia

Stars of Tomorrow MVPs

  • Girl’s MVP: Shibani Rana of Jack Schore Tennis Plex
  • Boy’s MVP: Caleb Weinstein of Team DC




We also watched as the legendary public address announcer for the Citi Open, Charlie Brotman, announced his retirement. Not only has Charlie been the voice of D.C. tennis, he has announced every presidential inauguration since Eisenhower in 1957. To learn more about Charlie’s amazing career and contribution to sports and politics in our nation’s capital, watch this min-documentary beautifully done by MarblePlayTV:


Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 5.02.28 PM



In the booth, suites, and stands, American Summits refreshed and delighted the fans with its pure and natural taste. To order American Summits water, visit our Contact/Purchase page here on the website.





American Summits is a pure, glass-bottled, American mountain spring water.