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10,000 feet up in the Beartooth Mountains of Wyoming, the water is untouched and we want to keep it that way. It is never subjected to purifying chemicals, ozone, reverse osmosis, or distillation. Instead, it is naturally filtered through layers of ancient rock. We bottle at the source using sustainable technology to protect the water and its natural purity.


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Our mission is to keep our pristine American mountain spring water, pure.

We seek out springs high in the mountains of escaped, protected regions. These springs, like those in the Beartooth Mountain Range of Wyoming, are sustainable. The water is untouched, recharged by the region’s natural rain and snowfall and organically filtered through layers of ancient mountain rock. Our minimal filtration process serves only to mechanically remove fine particulates, leaving traces of beneficial minerals and a natural alkaline level ideal for the body’s pH balance. And that’s it. We will never treat our water with purifying chemicals, preservatives, distillation, reverse osmosis, or anything else that would harm the water’s natural purity.

It is with this commitment to purity and taste that we bottle the water in glass, reducing the country’s reliance on imported bottled water. With more than 98% of glass bottled water served across American hotels and restaurants originating in Europe and the South Pacific, an increase in consumption of American-sourced mineral water can reduce the industry’s transportation footprint significantly. Our clear, recyclable glass bottles are produced in North America, as well.

With our still and sparkling water the perfect accompaniment to any food or wine, we seek to be the water of choice at fine restaurants, hotels and spas across the country – as well as at celebrations large and small in American homes. Above all, we strive to offer a pure, cleansing water taste of the American wilderness itself.

American Spirits

Available In Sparkling

American Summits sparkling water delivers a crisp, sophisticated taste with a light pop of effervescence that refreshes and cleanses the palate – and the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Available In Still

American Summits still water has an unmistakable taste of freshness and purity that is the perfect pairing with any food or wine. 



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American Summits spring water is sourced from the Beartooth Mountains in Wyoming, perhaps one of the most pristine locations in North America. The Beartooth Mountains are geologically composed of Precambrian granite and crystalline metamorphic rock, some of the oldest on Earth. There are about 25 small glaciers that exist in the Beartooth Range, over 300 pristine lakes and waterfalls.

By bottling at the source in the Beartooth Mountain Range of Wyoming, we reduce the transportation footprint to North America and can offer the freshest, highest quality water. American Summits spring water is available in restaurants, hotels and specialty retailers throughout the country who are committed to purity, quality and local sourcing.


American Summits Minerals

Natural Mineral Water

Our water contains traces of beneficial natural minerals from the rock filtration and absolutely no preservatives. The naturally alkaline water helps restore the natural pH balance of the human body. Drinking alkaline water can help to neutralize stored acids and toxins in the body, replenish essential minerals and helps to maintain normal blood flow.*

American Summits Filtration

Water Filtration

The water that is filtered through the granite rocks and extracted is naturally mineral enriched with superior purity and clarity. The high altitude of the spring shelters it from animals, cities and industrial influences.


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American Summits was originated to reduce the carbon footprint of bringing fine bottled water to some of America’s best restaurants. Great care was taken in the selection of the source for purity, sustainability and minimal impact to the environment. Bottling directly from our American source, recharged by rain and snowfall over thousands of years, we leave no trace. We use only glass bottles that are 100% recyclable and made in North America.
American Summits - Carbon Footprint

Why cross the ocean for a bottle of water?

Buy local and minimize your carbon footprint. Did you know that 98% of premium bottled water consumed in the US is imported?